Post Drill – Stand

First a confession.  Several people smarter than me have suggested that putting this on a stand is not a good idea.  It’s heavy cast and is meant to be bolted to a beam.  Baring any available beams, mounting it to the wall is best.

I guess I am stubborn, and I had already purchased some materials, so I have decided to press on with my crazy idea of a stand.  If it all fails, I will have learned a few lessons — and have one heavy duty coat rack!

I am working with a laminated Oak 4×4, picked up from the local Menards store.  I decided to cut the “beam” at 5 feet tall, just about right for the top stroke of the drill handle to be at shoulder height for me.

Using the cut off from the eight foot beam I cut two lets 18″ long each.  I cut 45 degree angles on each end.  They will be attached as legs with a long loose tenon thru the main beam and each leg.



This is my very first even Mortis and Tenon joint, so no laughing!!

The long tenon will be cut flush with the outside of each leg, then draw bored with 3/4 dowels.


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