Stanley 46 – Refurbished

I am very pleased with these results!

After a soak in Evaporust it became evident that there were pin holes throughout the nickel plating.  There was a fair bit of rust hiding under the nickel!

Since this plane is going to be USED, not collected, I decided to go for it and remove all the nickel in order to get the rust in its entirety.

A very light sanding on the tote and front knob followed by several coats of thinned shellac.



Stanley 46 – Cutters

An problem with antique/vintage planes is finding all the bits that are usually lost.  Sometimes you find a plane with one rusty cutter installed, sometimes with none.

Fortunately there is a guy making reproduction parts for Stanley planes, and he has available a full set of cutters in the sizes original to the plane.  Since Stanley never made a 3/4″ cutter for the #46, but woodworkers today often use that size lumber, he also makes one of those!

You can find them here:  St James Bay Tool Company

I called, spoke with the proprietor and maker.  Super nice guy!  Highly recommended.


Stanley #46 Plane

Billed as an Adjustable Dado and Plow Plane, this plane is “fabulous worker, much better than the #45” (The Superior Works).  I am drawn to the interesting design, very similar to the other overly complex combination planes Stanley made.  This one is different, and better, because it has a skewed iron.  It can do dadoes and cross grain rabbits.

I picked this up on eBay cheaply.  It looks a bit corroded in the pictures, but I am pretty sure it will clean up beautifully.